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About IGCA
igcamunichevents@gmail.com +49 176 84133259

Indo-German Cultural Association e.V. is a Registered cultural Association (Deutsch-Indischer Kuturverein) founded in Munich in 2008.
Sitz: München, VR 202867
IGCA offers the opportunity to meet and befriend other like-minded individuals (and their families) from various professional backgrounds. IGCA organizes events to celebrate the most popular and significant festivals in the Indian calendar – the boisterous enjoyment of Holi, the pulsating beats of Dandiya and the joyous festival of Goddess Durga Puja / Navaratri celebration. Other gatherings like an annual picnic, DJ Party, etc. are arranged as well.

In previous years we have successfully organized Goddess Durga Puja Fest, Diwali, Goddess Kali Puja, Goddess Lakhsmi Puja, Goddess Saraswati Puja, Holi since 2008 and celebrated it with our German friends and partners with full of joy and happiness in Munich . This type of recreation can keep us together where participants may exchange their experiences in abroad, discussing possible solutions of any difficulties being faced. Munich city children and dwellers and many Indians and Germans from all over Germany and Europe have taken part in our festivals and events organized by IGCA eV’s Volunteers / Members.

We have been amply supported by CGi (Indian Consulate office Munich), Hari Om Temple eV, Völkerkunde Museum, SBI Frankfrut, SONA BLW GmbH, Kohinoor German TV and some Indo-German business communities of Munich and India extend their support and participation to make the IGCA’s events successful. We are really thankful to them. We hope we may keep IGCA eVs flag high years after year in Munich and Europe.

Those who are interested to share a little time for the benefit of Indo-German Communities living in Munich and Europe and love Indian culture and fest please contact with us over mail or phone.about igca about igca about igca about igca